The Private Placement Markets Originate & Underwrites FASHION & TEXTILES COMPANY Private Placement Equity Investments. The Private Placement Markets offer Flexible Solutions for Equity Financing of FASHION & TEXTILES COMPANIES, using a “common sense" approach of financing that allows the Private Placement Markets to offer flexible Private Equity Financing options to meet the unique needs of FASHION & TEXTILES COMPANIES in today’s market.”


What are the Benefits of the Private Placement Markets:

The Private Placement Markets offer investors the opportunity to invest in assets that are uncorrelated to their stock market investments. Additionally, Investors have the unique ability to invest directly into privately-held companies with strong track records and benefit from their experience and growth. Although private placements lack liquidity, they make up for it in allowing investors to further diversify their investment portfolios and help them achieve potentially above average returns.

The Private Placement Markets, either through the Issuer direct or through a FINRA / SEC Broker Dealer engaged by the Issuer, offers investors the opportunity to participate in investments that are not offered to the general public and are either exclusively offered through the Private Placement Markets or through a limited number of FINRA / SEC Broker Dealers.

Private Placements Offer Better Diversification:

Investing in private placements help investors diversify their portfolio. Diversification is important as it assists in mitigating the effects of volatility by spreading the risk across various types of investments. Since private placements are uncorrelated to the public market, stock market volatility will have minimal impact on an investor's private investments.

Private Placement Markets - Equity Market:

The Private Placement Markets' mission is to preserve and strengthen the quality and public confidence in Private Placement Equity Investments. The Private Placement Markets stand for Integrity and Ethical practices in order to enhance investor confidence in Private Placement Equity Investments, thereby contributing to the financial health of the overall economy, and supporting the capital formation process. 


All Issuers associated with the Private Placement Markets have filed a Registration Statement with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) including a prospectus (unless the issuer is exempt from filing a registration statement) for the Offering to which all communication on this site / market relates. Any prospectus that is part of any registration statement that has been filed with the  (SEC) will be available on this site / market and is able to be downloaded and/or printed. Before anyone invests, all potential investors should read the prospectus, any registration statements filed with the SEC (unless exempt from registration with the SEC), and any other documents filed with the SEC and/or have been made available on this site / market for more complete information about the issuer and offering. 

Any document filed with SEC may be obtained for free by visiting EDGAR on the SEC's website at Alternatively, investors may obtain a copy of any prospectus by contacting the issuer directly. 

Additional Information: The Private Placement Markets from time-to-time engages in "Bona Fide Electronic Roadshows," as defined by the SEC, is a written communication transmitted by graphic means that is an offer pursuant to a free writing prospectus. 

ACCESS is strictly limited to Members of the following (no exceptions): SEC / FINRA Registered Investment Advisors or Broker Dealers, Select Hedge Fund Managers, Select Life Insurance Company Asset Managers, Certain Accredited Investors (under the advisement of a FINRA / SEC Registered Investment Advisor or Broker Dealer), Select Pension Fund Asset Managers, Select Mutual Fund Asset Managers, Members of Select Investment Banking Firms, Select Foundation Asset Managers, Select Endowment Asset Managers, Select Venture Capital Firms, Select Real Estate Equity Firms, Select Real Estate Investment Trust Asset Managers, and Select International Investors associated with a properly registered EB-5 Visa Processing Center.


The Private Placement Markets does not, and will not, accept any ventures submitted by "brokers", unless those brokers are Registered Members of FINRA ( All ventures submitted for consideration MUST be ONLY from the Entrepreneur or a Properly Registered Member of FINRA. 

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